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Many are confused about what is a blog, it is so much easier I write here just basic info blog for friends - friends newbies. This paper is based on my perspective to see technology blog which now again growing rapidly in demand not only among the laity, but also began to spread to intellectuals and academics as well as Indonesian celebrities. Abroad, the blog has evolved since long. We just who really like to forget, therefore, friend - friends should be able to create a blog ...

1. What exactly is a blog?

Blog is a personal site. Dg different websites that each post must be laboriously using code extension. Html. Php,. Asp, etc, the blog is the automation of all the extensions page. So because it is automated, we-all of us who innocently become ostosmastis technology can post what we want exactly as we post the email to a friend or to a mailing list.

And because of this ease, then everyone knows the internet can create a blog or personal website; same as dg have email. No wonder if the blog owner varied: ranging from domestic servants, housewives, vegetable huckster in market Klewer, chick-chick "friendly" nudge in the market, to professors and ministers.

2. How do I create a blog?

As with email, create an account first free blog provider (provider hosting / domain free blog). Which is the most popular For those of you who have been somewhat of literacy technology can also create an account in and Besides that the two are still a lot of free blog providers who can you know then. Follow the instructions step-by-step when registering.

3. After completion of register / sign-ups in, you can begin to post / publish whatever you want on the blog: starting from the vent, poetry, short stories, writing up to that joke seriously.


Create a blog on is easy.Now I will show how to create a new account on, which is 100% free. I recommend you to create a blog on because this program is fully supported by google, so if we make a blog here then google will quickly index your blog. As a result of our blog will appear at google search.

STEP ONE (Getting Started)

Please visit the website


Once the page is open, please click CREATE AN ACCOUNT after you click, it will display a form to fill in name and password. Please fill out and you must always remember the username and password that you enter. 
Do not forget to taskbar Term of service agreement.Then click the arrow button "Continue" to proceed to step 3


This part is very important, because the name of your blog will become a keyword.TIPS: to your blog easily indexed by search engines (search engine), then it would be good if you create a similarity between the address and the name of your blog!Now click the arrow button ORANGE "Continue" to proceed to step 4


Now you danger a step to have a homemade webblog!!!Here you intended to choose the color and shape of your web. Please select a topic and in accordance with your taste.
OK if you have finished selecting the template, now we will go to the next step.Now click the arrow button ORANGE "Continue" to proceed to step 5


Now bloggers will create your blog. Once the blog is finished, then your browser will have the words "Your Blog Has Created Beeb" Click the Post to start to make the article / post first.Now Fill in the title of your article on tile field, and write the contents of the article below!

CONGRATULATIONS!! Now you already have your own blog and can be seen from any corner of the world :)

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