Friday, July 19, 2013

Top SEO Methods for 2013

Content Curation
Article marketing has been replaced by content curation. It is a new way to harness the marketing content exisiting content rather than creating new ones. This saves time and gives the best results. Some of the best websites to approach for content management,, bundlr, Pinterest, Kweeper, Shareist etc.

Standing infographics Information Graphics. Webmasters and Internet marketers that utilize strong visual link building techniques to build links to their website. The idea is simple-explaining every topic with diagrams and text using image creation program or infographic creation software, adding the option to embed a link to your website and are done. People will start using infographic by clicking on the embedded link and in return you will get a link back to your website.

Guest Post
Approaching other webmasters and tell them about your expertise to write a post or article known to them as a guest post. Only qualified writers who specialize in particular niche to get full value from a guest post with backlinks to their websites.

Writers rating
Now the content has a ranking signal in the form of straight-ranking authors. The higher rank you are the writer, the more likely your content to the top rankings in the search engines. Getting ranking writer is not easy and requires time and patience. To learn more about the author, please visit:

Social Media Signals (Especially Google Plus)

Social media signals is a powerful factor in ranking a website. Google Plus is that more plus most important.The your content, the more likely for it to rank higher on the search engine ranking factors is the other gives support content. Tweets, Plus Ones, Love is a great ways to improve your website publicity.

Utilizing Link Bait

Link bait is the most difficult, the most intelligent and best to get links to your site. Each site requires its own strategy to create link bait in order to get as many links to their website as possible.

Optimizing for Mobile

Mobile searches are increasing day by day. You need to optimize your site for mobile viewers to get a mobile traffic diverted to your site without increasing the bounce rate

Focusing on Rich Snippets

If your website falls into the category of one particular site is suitable for displaying rich piece then you should take advantage of the full power of it. Rich snippet help to display detailed information about the content that is intended to help users with specific questions. Some niches where rich piece is a must to be added is the food and recipes, product reviews, review services, music sites, etc.

Ranking By Mobile Apps, Social Signals etc.

2013 was the year in which the ranking Seo will be required for mobile applications together with web site. Therefore, focusing on mobile applications become critical ratings. A mobile application can optimize various signals such as the number of views, number of downloads, the presence of other applications on the application directory ranking etc.

Analyzing Metrics Serious Webmaster

Google has started to seriously consider metrics such as bounce rate, CTR, amount of time spent on the site etc. in order to assess the user friendliness of the site.

Adding Fresh Content

Panda update which analyzes the quality and freshness of content sites that have the love original content and fresh in it. Therefore, Seo needs to focus on creating websites that have fresh and relevant content to get love from Panda.

Remove spammy Backlinks

Google has just launched a tool called "deny Tool" that helps webmasters to deny links from spam sources that link to their site. This tool can be useful for webmasters whose sites have been penalized by Penguin updates.

Rather than only targeting Brand Keyword

Keywords need to be changed to focus seo seo focused brand. Google loves brands and hate site is optimized for certain keywords. It attaches importance to brand specific keywords and rank them accordingly. Optimal approach to seo is to increase the brand value of a site that focuses on the theme of your keywords.

Sources and diversity in Backlink Anchor Text

Diversity in the sources of backlinks and anchor text required by 2013. You can not expect a site to rank higher using similar anchor text keywords. Varying your anchor text when building links to your site is necessary to avoid penalties resulting from Penguin update. Last but not least, there is a very good look at this infographic Seo predicts trends for 2013

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