Monday, July 29, 2013

Site Audit, To SEO

Almost every site needs to be improved so as to be error-free and profitable to the search engine. There may be serious or minor problem posed major issues to your site. Site audit tool to help you figure out what potential problems exist on your site that need to be resolved.

SEO Software you find Broken Link Internal and external links are both very important in your site. You must make sure that all the links work properly and navigate to where you want them to point to. The error reduces the value of your SEO and search engines give negative points for them.

There are many reasons why such problems occur at a site.
Sometimes, you change the URL of the page and inbound link or internal link not find them. Although most modern web hosts provide a page that replaces the error page and tells the reader that this page does not exist, the better practice would ensure that all links direct readers to the right page.Sometimes, the target pages may have been removed due to some carelessness, etc. The result is the same: disappointment reader and SEO reduction scores in search engines.

SEO Software Articles found Slow Page size and the type of technology used in it and how they are used in it are several reasons why a site becomes slow. Whatever the reason, a good SEO software-features that help you find your site pages are slow and must be improved.The next step will be to remove or replace the elements required less than you to speed up page loading time. Find a page that is slow is one thing and figure out what's wrong with it is another matter. A good SEO software audit tool should compile a website that explains this and help you reduce the loading time of your pages.

SEO Software Shows Older Articles Search engines like to see the pages of the site that is frequently updated and new content and pages are added to it on a regular basis. criterion is that if the page is older than 3 months, will be considered old. To eliminate these problems, various strategies can be used and practiced. One is to edit and update old pages from your site.

Shows Meta SEO Software Long Description Search engines have different rules for long meta description. Meta data to help them discover what the page is about and sometimes appears under the title in search engine results pages. You should write meta descriptions for each page of your site / blog and keep it in a certain length that contains your keywords are the most important pages.If the page does not have such data in its code, a good SEO software find it and help you optimize it the right way. Without good software or equipment, it is impossible to find and fix the problems at the site.

SEO Software Indicates Missing Alt Attributes alt tag of some sites is a good point where you can enter keywords and optimize your page for page specific word or phrase. If you forget to add a caption to an image or phrase, this tool tells you about what is missing. So, you can go ahead and make the content on your website code. SEO Software Indicates Missing Attributes Photos with Height Width / Each image must have attributes that indicate what is the width and height of the image. This is a SEO tip all the experts agree on. If your images do not have it and you do not know it, you will need a tool that can show them to you and help you fix it by adding the missing data.

Sometimes, some content management systems (CMS) does not have these features and get into the problem. You should look for a solution or change another CMS so that this problem can be eradicated.The final word is that when you have a site, particularly large, you may not be able to find this feature in it is not efficient or it takes a lot of your time to do so. The best thing is to use the well-known SEO software professionals who can do this for you.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

SEO secrets revealed

SEO whiz, Powerful Free Promo
Being a champion with SEO, the search engines like Google can make our employees who worked so faithfully, non-stop, without the need to pay a lot of money to flow into the pockets of you and me. Anyone can do it, including of course YOU. All it takes to be a champion of SEO is a great desire, time, energy, commitment, consistency, tools, and the most important is SEO Strategy Being SMART itself + Take Action.
If you explore the internet business, internet marketing, google adsense or other advertising programs, or people who are looking for additional income through internet business even though your business free, also for those who are learning the internet business, then you will become a more powerful internet business If you are a whiz SEO.
Once you or anyone become a whiz seo, then just imagine: search engines like Google will be working day and night relentlessly to bring visitors to your website, from various directions. And visitors are visitors who "targeted" means those who are looking for what you offer on the website. So if you bisniskan or what you offer on your website is a powerful, useful, attractive people and have added value then of course there will be more sales happen, because your website is visited by many people before, people are brought to your website by the search engines (eg Google). Search Engine earlier, working without the need to pay anymore. That's Powerful and Free Promotion for you.
If the Search Engines like Google has not brought many visitors or termed as "Traffic" by most people, then it means that because your website is not Search Engine Optimalized (SEO). This is probably because you are a new website, or the topic is not yet widely sought, or because you have not Jagoan SEO course.
Who would not want Promo Powerful and Free? I'm sure almost all people want. I want to be a SEO whiz, what about you? Do you also want to be a champion of SEO?
Being a champion that SEO is not hard, but also not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. As I mentioned above earlier, I repeat once again, which is required to be a champion SEO is a great desire or willingness, time, energy, commitment, consistency, tools, and most importantly is Jagoan SEO Strategies Being itself. And the faces on the important (meaning termatas very important) is TAKE ACTION or actually DOING what you need for it. Clearly, a great willingness alone is not enough right?
What is SEO?
Yes yes, we're talking hero of yesteryear SEO. So what is SEO? For those who are familiar with this, please skip the following paragraph.
In order for you more easily understand it, let's talk first about the activities of people on the internet. In conjunction with the 2 major business there, which offers Infomasi Business and Seeking Business Information. Naturally people will tend to offer businesses in places where people seek, where many people are. And naturally anyway, people tend to search for business information in places where business is a lot of information, where people offer business information. Well, the website which is where a lot of people offering and seeking the so-called SEARCH ENGINE or ENGINE seach. Thousands of websites exist in the internet search engine and the most famous today is Google.
People already know, a lot of people that are looking for something then he remembers Google. Find what is on Google. Since people already know that the trend is getting belomba-person race for their internet business informari INSERTING into Google, so see if you wanted!. If the business you often see when people search on Google, the Internet business you will have the potential for much more in demand. Of course there are many other factors that make the business bestseller, was "found" is not enough. However, if it is often found that it is a tremendous opportunity to sell.
An activity to make the business information on your website "frequently met in seach engines like Google" that is referred to as activity optimizes search engine, is the fancy term Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated as SEO.
If your website has been designed for optimum internallay in the eyes of search engines then say your website is SEO ready website. So, I repeat again, SEO is an attempt to set up your website so that in the eyes of the Search Engine OPTIMAL, important in the eyes of search engines.
To achieve that, to make your website in the eyes of search engines OPTIMAL, there is a lot of effort or activity that can be done. Many activities that can be classified only into two parts, namely: On-Page SEO and one Off-Page SEO. 2 it is not hard, just need the will, time, energy and SEO strategies earlier.
In summary, On-Page SEO internet related activities set design of your website, in order to have proper design standards, consistent topics, the selection of the right keywords and fit the theme of your website, making pages easy navigation, and so on. While Off-Page SEO is an activity outside your website related to your website, for example, build backlinks (backlinks) to your website, promoting your website on other websites, and so on. Off-Page SEO activities is causing your website by search engines is important, because a lot of talk outside, ie on other websites. This can be achieved in many ways such as link exchange, classified ads, promotion in forums that permit, and so on.
In this short article, I was not going to focus on the "How-to Become SEO champion", but merely the knowledge that if you are good at making your website SEO friendly, or if later you become the champion SEO Promotion Or Advertising knows Time Strikes Not Without Cost (Free) will be yours, Search Engines like Google will help you 24 hours a day!
About How-to, to be a champion SEO I will discuss another time. As a first step as I mentioned at the top of this article, namely the desire or the desire to be a hero SEO. As a sign that you want, say in the spirit of "I Jagoan SEO!" Then one day you will be a champion of SEO
I myself proclaim yourself as someone who is obsessed to become SEO whiz without defeating others. You can read it here: I Jagoan SEO in CaraJitu.Com click!
Thank you, I hope your business is getting brilliant. May you be the champion of SEO.Best regardsMufli
If this article is useful to you, kindly take 1 minute to post your comment at the bottom of this. Please comment which contains dense, about 50 words. Thank you again.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mastering SEO In 10 Minutes

This article will discuss about the SEO (Search Engine Optimize). SEO is an effort or process that we do to put us on the site or blogg Search engine top position. So do not be lazy-lazy to learn and implement SEO.
Clever clever we need to make our site or Blogg favored by Google, therefore we wajip learn SEO, to optimize our Trafic.
Immediately, we see "Mastering SEO The Easy Way In 10 Minutes",

1. Have Meta TagsBlogg or site should have a Title (Title), Meta Description (description), Keyword clear and appropriate to the topic that you created. It aims to facilitate the search engines to find your Blogg. But do meemasang Keyword excessively, because it will be considered spam by Google.How to Install Meta Keyword View here
2. Blogg not have a Dead LinkDead links are dead links / links that can not be accessed, this will reduce your Google Optimization. make sure all the links or Ancor Text in your blogg Active.
3. Put Keywords In Title, Label and ArticlesRight keywords will bring lots of visitors. Do not carelessly when making title or keyword as it will affect the search results at the Blogg. In the article you write keywords in the article beginning, middle, and end. Keyword Search was the most in the search.
4. Put Alt Text In Picture / ImageThere are so many bloggers forget this, And so critically important to strengthen Keyword once, and when visitors search for images. How to Install ALT text is very easy,
Click the Image when creating Pages => Click Properties => Contents Title picture and Alt Text (Try Never Charge Alt text with the title of your article.) And click Ok.

5. Blogg Submit to Search EnginesList your Blogg it to several search engines seperto enjoy doing the most in Google and Yahoo. It is very wajhip you do for your Blogg memperkrnal it to Google and other search engines. Try reading "How to Register Blogg to 40 search engines".
6. Routinely article postingThis is done by a blogger wajip to turn Bloggnya. If you want Blogg like Google, often to make Postings fit your schedule, whether it's day or week 1 article 2 article, Depending on your time, your important updates.
7. Use Signs In TextThis is a SEO technique that is easy to do. By simply adding the Bold, Italic and Underline the word. The mark on the keywords or title that you write on the Post.

8. Create a Table of Contents BloggUseful content to allow visitors to view all articles we've ever made. I really liked Contents Blogg. How to Create a table of contents Click here
9. Bloggwalking, Feedback and PromotionsThe last way is the most effective way to improve SEO. Bloggwalking and died by it Blogg us comments and links. But do not make SPAM comments, you can read my article "Trust me, do not Do It currently Commenting"
How?, Whether you are ready to strengthen the SEO on your Blogg?,
So only article How to Easily Mastering SEO In 10 Minutes, hopefully can help optimize SEO on your Blogg. Thank you.

Sided weakness Android

Make Comparison of materials for you android lovers
Android still sounds a bit complicated
When buying a mobile phone / tablet Android, you are required to learn more than the iPhone, because Android has widgets, apps, and many other settings that you may have never known him sekali.Contohnya same as the Samsung Galaxy S3, which has a lot of cool features. One is automatic photo sharing via wi-fi, which unfortunately turned out to require a lot of settings.
Entertainment content in Google Play still less than with iTunes
Although Google Play Google already filled with some entertainment content such as TV shows and movies for rent, contains entertainment options are still lacking a lot compared to the one in iTunes. Problem Google Play music also still do not have music from Warner, one of the four leading music labels.

Lack of cool accessories for Android devices
IPhone design an attractive, seemingly supported by the makers of accessories to create a cool and complementary accessories that good. But for some reason Android did not bring enthusiasm for accessories makers to make interesting accessories for Android devices.

Graphics and animation on the iPhone is still more subtle
Hardware acceleration is a process where a smartphone can switch between GPU (graphics) and CPU in a smartphone without using large amounts of memory. It is already present on Android devices since the early versions, but limited to some features, such as appealing to bawah.Perangkat Android notification bar does not use hardware acceleration in full until the Android version of the iPhone 3.0.Sedangkan already using hardware acceleration from the beginning, thus creating iPhone experienceyang more pleasurable user records, the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean is correct this shortcoming very well. So the user experience to be more smooth and no longer nge-lag or hang. But unfortunately few new Android devices on the market with Jelly Bean
Threat of malware / viruses on the Android operating system
Because Android is open source and users can install applications that are not from Google Play, Android devices are more susceptible to malware and pirated apps / false.
Application quality is still slightly
Already from the first applications on the iPhone looks better than the Android version. Likewise, developers tend to release quality applications to the iPhone first, and after it's been ported to Android.
Android devices varied, ranging from the sophisticated to the Galaxy SIII-rousing cheap phones made in China. It is named fragmentasi.Fragmentasi make quality a different smartphone, developers were forced to make the application to adapt to the many shapes and sizes display the existing Android devices.

Android updates are not immediately available for each device
Google released the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean in July. But most Android phones today still use the Gingerbread version of the OS, which came out about a year and half ago. This is due to smartphone manufacturers are more likely to modify the Android OS for their devices, so some manufacturers require additional time to offer updates. The safest way to ensure you always get the updates, is using the original device from Google, such as the Nexus brand.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Your Target Audience

Social Media as a Conduit
Of course, there are still some truths in promoting an “offline” business that apply to the online world. Merely having a website does not guarantee profitability. You need to be able to show your expertise and uniqueness in the industry, and you need to establish a good relationship with your customers. The best way of pursuing these goals is through leveraging the power of social media.

Creating accounts for your business for social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is good, but these are just channels to your main website. Social media is simply a way for people to connect to your website to consume your content and eventually make purchases. You just have to make sure that your website has good social media integration.

Here are five ways to seamlessly incorporate both assets:

Killer Content
“Content is king” is a phrase that will never get old because content is exactly what people are looking for online, especially in social media. People are constantly sharing with their huge networks of family and friends all sorts of content that they deem interesting, whether it’s a news article, an opinion piece, a funny picture, or an inspiring video. Their connections, in turn, share it with their own networks, and so on. The number of people you can reach with killer content is astounding.

Therefore, you need to create content that will make the rounds within these social media channels through shares, retweets, pins, etc., and you need to be able to do it in a regular fashion. There is no guaranteed way to achieve this, but the best way is to simply create great content.

Social Content
Social media platforms are built with connecting people in mind, but you can follow their template with your website by allowing for some level of interaction with your website’s visitors. This can be done through a blog with a comments section, a forum where they can discuss your products/services, or a customer review feature where you let people send in their critiques of your business’ offerings. You can even let visitors leave comments on your content using their Facebook accounts for fuller integration.

By giving your customers a way to express their opinions, you also give them a sense of belonging with your company. They will feel that you care about what your customers think, establishing a stronger relationship in the process.

Eye-Catching Titles and Images
Some truly great content doesn’t reach its full potential, because of poor titles that don’t immediately grab people’s attention when browsing through their feeds. Other great content that tackles technical and/or multiple subjects are not being read, because of the lack of compelling pictures that break up the monotony of text.

• For titles, you want something that addresses a concern while being straight to the point. It has to fix your target audience’s gaze when they’re quickly scanning on their Smartphones or computers.

• For images, you want something that explains your points in a clearer fashion while maintaining the tone of your content, and more importantly, your brand is known for. You can actually just focus on creating content that is purely image-based (e.g. infographics) to simplify complex concepts and highlight important facts.

Social Buttons
Due to the fast-paced nature of today’s Information Age, people now expect a good level of convenience when surfing the Web. They want to be able to share things they like through their multiple social media accounts without having to deal with the relative hassle of opening up new windows or tabs and copying and pasting URLs. Social buttons are the answer to that problem, making it much easier for people to show their interest in a piece of content to the rest of the world.

These social buttons can also work in your favor, because they usually show the number of people who have expressed positive sentiments about particular content. Once these numbers climb, it can be even easier for people to take notice, because they will think the content is worth checking out, attributing it to the number of people who already did.

RSS Feeds
Rich Site Summary or RSS is nothing new, but it is a tool that has found even more use now that there is so much more content being produced and shared throughout the Internet. Use it to syndicate relevant content you have on your main website to microsites targeting more concentrated niches. This way, you don’t have to be publishing the same content on multiple sites.

While an official website serves as a foundation for creating an online presence, social media allows for even wider coverage for your business, and gets you even closer to your target audience. By integrating it with your website, you realize the full potential of doing business online.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Read More Manual Di Blog

Yang pertama masuk ke account blogger kalian, lalu masuk ke Pengaturan>Format tuliskan kode dibawah ini ke sebuah box di samping tulisan template posting :

<span class="fullpost">

lihat gambar dibawah ini :

Kode tersebut adalah untuk memudahkan kamu, agar kamu tidak menulis kode setiap menulis postingan. Jika sudah mengisi kode tersebut, silakan klik SIMPAN SETELAN.

Masuk kehalaman Edit HTML, saya yakin kalian semua sudah mulai hafal, letak edit HTML. Setelah masuk, kalian klik Download Template Lengkap. Kamu perlu melakukan ini untuk keperluan back up, siapa tahu terjadi hal yang tidak diinginkan pada blog kalian.

Tujuan mencentangnya, agar semua komponen di kode template-mu terlihat dan memudahkan kita untuk mengeditnya nantinya.
carilah kode di bawah ini :




Untuk memudahkan kalian, coba menggunakan Ctr+F, lalu masukan kode yang sama diatas, kalau sudah ketemu kode yang dimaksud, ganti kode tersebut dengan kode berikut :

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType= = "item">

<a expr:href='data:post.

Nah sekarang coba simpan template, apakah berhasil ? jika sudah berhasil, coba kalian beralih ke postingan. Alurnya, klik Posting>buat. Coba apakah sudah berhasil memotong postingan kalian, ketika di form postingan pilih Edit HTML.
Pada kode HTML keluar kode yang tadi kamu isi, untuk memotong postingan kalian sangan gampang. Tulis yang kalian ingin kelihatan diatas kode <span class="fullpost"> dan sisa postingannya dibawah kode tersebut.

Jika postingan anda rapih SEO juga lebih mudah, kalian robot.txt akan betah di blog kalian.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Gratis Template Adsense Super SEO

Bagi kawan-kawan semua yang mungkin membutuhkan template buat situs anda silakan dibawa ini bisa di download secara gratis dan semuanya template super SEO Friendly + Adsense . Template blog blogger untuk Google AdSense ada banyak pilihan. Kadang bingung sendiri mau pilih template blog. Apakah pilih yang dua kolom atau tiga kolom. Pilih warna cerah atau warna gelap. Tentu anda ingin dapat klik yang banyak dari pengunjung blog terhadap iklan Google AdSense yang terpasang di blog. Karena itu ada template yang sengaja didesain untuk bisa dapat klik yang tinggi. Sehingga pendapatan dari Google AdSense pun meningkat.


Silakan di download semua file petunjuk sudah lengkap didalamnya, desain tata letak semua bagus sangat seo friendly menurut saya sangat cocok bagi anda yang ingin membangun situs adsense. Adword dari Indonesia saja jumlahnya terus meningkat, termasuk saya sendiri saat ini juga menjadi anggota google adword, oleh karena itu google secepatnya mendukung bahasa Indonesia. Jika tidak segera terlaksana dalam mendukung bahasa Indonesia, maka google tidak akan bisa memenuhi tuntutan target para adword dari Indonesia yang jumlahnya terus meningkat, dan itu merupakan sebuah kerugian besar bagi google.

Blogger yang dijamin diapprove Google AdSense

Banyak blog keren dan blog yang mahal harganya ditolak mentah-mentah oleh google adsense. Tidak sedikit para webmaster ahli desain dengan hosting berbayar, pagerank tinggi, traffik luar biasa, tapi hanya mendapatkan capek dan lelah karena telah menghabiskan banyak waktunya yang terus menerus ditolak melulu oleh google adsense. Kenapa bisa terjadi seperti itu, sehingga akhirnya mereka menganggap bahwa mendaftar google adsense adalah hal yang sangat susah dan sulit?

Apa sebabnya google menolak mereka dan meng-approve situs tertentu yang dikehendaki untuk diijinkan untuk menjadi publishernya? Marilah kita jabarkan lebih jelas hal-hal yang membuat aplikasi ditolak dan hal-hal yang membuat diapprove oleh google adsense.

Google adsense dipercaya oleh jutaan adword di seluruh dunia untuk mengelola milyaran dollar uang mereka agar bisa mengembangkan bisnisnya dengan baik dan aman. Oleh karena itulah google benar-benar memilih PUBLISHER YANG BISA DIPERCAYA. Ini saya tahu setelah saya menjadi adword, dimana adword akan menjeda iklannya jika terjadi pembengkakan biaya tidak wajar yang hanya menghabiskan anggaran harian oleh invalid klik yang kemungkinan dilakukan oleh publisher yang nakal, dan google akan merespon dengan cepat keluhan seorang adword. Bahkan ketika adword memeriksa riwayat kampanye iklan atau mengunjungi bantuan adword, google terus mengawasi gerak gerik adword tersebut dan menanyakan melalui email ada apa dengan pemeriksaan yang telah anda lakukan kemarin pada jam sekian tanggal sekian dan sebagainya. Ada keluhan apa? Berikan umpan balik kepada kami.

Agar kita dipercaya oleh google, maka kita harus membuat blog yang bisa dipercaya. Kita mendaftar google adsense ibarat kita sedang melamar pekerjaan, dimana kita pasti menulis surat lamaran yang sopan, jujur dan sebagainya agar diterima oleh calon majikan. Surat lamaran itu adalah wajah kita.

Demikian juga dengan blog untuk daftar google adsense, blog yang kita pakai mendaftar google adsense itu adalah wajah kita. Jika blog kita keren tapi artikel blog itu memuat tulisan milik blog lain atau copy paste, mana mungkin google akan percaya kalau kita jujur, itu sama dengan wajah cantik tapi suka bo'ong. Jika lamaran kita tidak menyediakan biodata tentang diri kita (about me) disertai foto, mana mungkin majikan akan menerima jika tidak tahu wajah calon karyawannya. Termasuk contact us, agar kita bisa dihubungi oleh siapa saja karena kita adalah penanggung jawab dari artikel yang kita siarkan.

Semua itu adalah upaya agar google percaya kepada kita, dimana google selalu memilih publisher dengan sangat hati-hati karena google mengemban amanah dari para adword di seluruh dunia dibawah tekanan hukum. Silakan baca artikel tentang google membayar denda kepada pemerintah AS sebagai denda terbesar di dunia sepanjang sejarah yang pernah dibayar.

Lamaran dengan tulisan tangan sendiri lebih disukai oleh calon majikan, karena itu mencerminkan kepribadian dan kejujuran. Demikan pula sama halnya dengan blog, konten yang tidak terlalu bagus namun itu tulisan sendiri pasti akan dipercaya oleh google, daripada konten yang keren dan menarik tapi dari hasil copy paste. Maka jika kita sudah tidak dipercaya oleh orang lain, kita akan sulit untuk mengembalikan kepercayaan itu lagi. Oleh karena itu, dalam beberapa hal keputusan google bersifat permanen. Kalaupun google memberikan kesempatan banding dalam beberapa kasus pelanggaran kebijakan, anda hanya dikasih waktu tiga hari kerja dan selebihnya akan menjadi keputusan tetap.

Blog Directory Submit You Blog / Website

Let's look at the below mentioned Blog Directories which are 100% Free.

  36. bloggeries Portal.
  51. Dir.
  169. Lisblogsource,net 

These are some of the excellent Free Blog Directories where you can submit your blog/website and get good results. If you have come across any other Blog Directory, please post that in the comments below. Do FOLLOW, Do BOOKMARK!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Top SEO Methods for 2013

Content Curation
Article marketing has been replaced by content curation. It is a new way to harness the marketing content exisiting content rather than creating new ones. This saves time and gives the best results. Some of the best websites to approach for content management,, bundlr, Pinterest, Kweeper, Shareist etc.

Standing infographics Information Graphics. Webmasters and Internet marketers that utilize strong visual link building techniques to build links to their website. The idea is simple-explaining every topic with diagrams and text using image creation program or infographic creation software, adding the option to embed a link to your website and are done. People will start using infographic by clicking on the embedded link and in return you will get a link back to your website.

Guest Post
Approaching other webmasters and tell them about your expertise to write a post or article known to them as a guest post. Only qualified writers who specialize in particular niche to get full value from a guest post with backlinks to their websites.

Writers rating
Now the content has a ranking signal in the form of straight-ranking authors. The higher rank you are the writer, the more likely your content to the top rankings in the search engines. Getting ranking writer is not easy and requires time and patience. To learn more about the author, please visit:

Social Media Signals (Especially Google Plus)

Social media signals is a powerful factor in ranking a website. Google Plus is that more plus most important.The your content, the more likely for it to rank higher on the search engine ranking factors is the other gives support content. Tweets, Plus Ones, Love is a great ways to improve your website publicity.

Utilizing Link Bait

Link bait is the most difficult, the most intelligent and best to get links to your site. Each site requires its own strategy to create link bait in order to get as many links to their website as possible.

Optimizing for Mobile

Mobile searches are increasing day by day. You need to optimize your site for mobile viewers to get a mobile traffic diverted to your site without increasing the bounce rate

Focusing on Rich Snippets

If your website falls into the category of one particular site is suitable for displaying rich piece then you should take advantage of the full power of it. Rich snippet help to display detailed information about the content that is intended to help users with specific questions. Some niches where rich piece is a must to be added is the food and recipes, product reviews, review services, music sites, etc.

Ranking By Mobile Apps, Social Signals etc.

2013 was the year in which the ranking Seo will be required for mobile applications together with web site. Therefore, focusing on mobile applications become critical ratings. A mobile application can optimize various signals such as the number of views, number of downloads, the presence of other applications on the application directory ranking etc.

Analyzing Metrics Serious Webmaster

Google has started to seriously consider metrics such as bounce rate, CTR, amount of time spent on the site etc. in order to assess the user friendliness of the site.

Adding Fresh Content

Panda update which analyzes the quality and freshness of content sites that have the love original content and fresh in it. Therefore, Seo needs to focus on creating websites that have fresh and relevant content to get love from Panda.

Remove spammy Backlinks

Google has just launched a tool called "deny Tool" that helps webmasters to deny links from spam sources that link to their site. This tool can be useful for webmasters whose sites have been penalized by Penguin updates.

Rather than only targeting Brand Keyword

Keywords need to be changed to focus seo seo focused brand. Google loves brands and hate site is optimized for certain keywords. It attaches importance to brand specific keywords and rank them accordingly. Optimal approach to seo is to increase the brand value of a site that focuses on the theme of your keywords.

Sources and diversity in Backlink Anchor Text

Diversity in the sources of backlinks and anchor text required by 2013. You can not expect a site to rank higher using similar anchor text keywords. Varying your anchor text when building links to your site is necessary to avoid penalties resulting from Penguin update. Last but not least, there is a very good look at this infographic Seo predicts trends for 2013


Many are confused about what is a blog, it is so much easier I write here just basic info blog for friends - friends newbies. This paper is based on my perspective to see technology blog which now again growing rapidly in demand not only among the laity, but also began to spread to intellectuals and academics as well as Indonesian celebrities. Abroad, the blog has evolved since long. We just who really like to forget, therefore, friend - friends should be able to create a blog ...

1. What exactly is a blog?

Blog is a personal site. Dg different websites that each post must be laboriously using code extension. Html. Php,. Asp, etc, the blog is the automation of all the extensions page. So because it is automated, we-all of us who innocently become ostosmastis technology can post what we want exactly as we post the email to a friend or to a mailing list.

And because of this ease, then everyone knows the internet can create a blog or personal website; same as dg have email. No wonder if the blog owner varied: ranging from domestic servants, housewives, vegetable huckster in market Klewer, chick-chick "friendly" nudge in the market, to professors and ministers.

2. How do I create a blog?

As with email, create an account first free blog provider (provider hosting / domain free blog). Which is the most popular For those of you who have been somewhat of literacy technology can also create an account in and Besides that the two are still a lot of free blog providers who can you know then. Follow the instructions step-by-step when registering.

3. After completion of register / sign-ups in, you can begin to post / publish whatever you want on the blog: starting from the vent, poetry, short stories, writing up to that joke seriously.


Create a blog on is easy.Now I will show how to create a new account on, which is 100% free. I recommend you to create a blog on because this program is fully supported by google, so if we make a blog here then google will quickly index your blog. As a result of our blog will appear at google search.

STEP ONE (Getting Started)

Please visit the website


Once the page is open, please click CREATE AN ACCOUNT after you click, it will display a form to fill in name and password. Please fill out and you must always remember the username and password that you enter. 
Do not forget to taskbar Term of service agreement.Then click the arrow button "Continue" to proceed to step 3


This part is very important, because the name of your blog will become a keyword.TIPS: to your blog easily indexed by search engines (search engine), then it would be good if you create a similarity between the address and the name of your blog!Now click the arrow button ORANGE "Continue" to proceed to step 4


Now you danger a step to have a homemade webblog!!!Here you intended to choose the color and shape of your web. Please select a topic and in accordance with your taste.
OK if you have finished selecting the template, now we will go to the next step.Now click the arrow button ORANGE "Continue" to proceed to step 5


Now bloggers will create your blog. Once the blog is finished, then your browser will have the words "Your Blog Has Created Beeb" Click the Post to start to make the article / post first.Now Fill in the title of your article on tile field, and write the contents of the article below!

CONGRATULATIONS!! Now you already have your own blog and can be seen from any corner of the world :)