Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mastering SEO In 10 Minutes

This article will discuss about the SEO (Search Engine Optimize). SEO is an effort or process that we do to put us on the site or blogg Search engine top position. So do not be lazy-lazy to learn and implement SEO.
Clever clever we need to make our site or Blogg favored by Google, therefore we wajip learn SEO, to optimize our Trafic.
Immediately, we see "Mastering SEO The Easy Way In 10 Minutes",

1. Have Meta TagsBlogg or site should have a Title (Title), Meta Description (description), Keyword clear and appropriate to the topic that you created. It aims to facilitate the search engines to find your Blogg. But do meemasang Keyword excessively, because it will be considered spam by Google.How to Install Meta Keyword View here
2. Blogg not have a Dead LinkDead links are dead links / links that can not be accessed, this will reduce your Google Optimization. make sure all the links or Ancor Text in your blogg Active.
3. Put Keywords In Title, Label and ArticlesRight keywords will bring lots of visitors. Do not carelessly when making title or keyword as it will affect the search results at the Blogg. In the article you write keywords in the article beginning, middle, and end. Keyword Search was the most in the search.
4. Put Alt Text In Picture / ImageThere are so many bloggers forget this, And so critically important to strengthen Keyword once, and when visitors search for images. How to Install ALT text is very easy,
Click the Image when creating Pages => Click Properties => Contents Title picture and Alt Text (Try Never Charge Alt text with the title of your article.) And click Ok.

5. Blogg Submit to Search EnginesList your Blogg it to several search engines seperto enjoy doing the most in Google and Yahoo. It is very wajhip you do for your Blogg memperkrnal it to Google and other search engines. Try reading "How to Register Blogg to 40 search engines".
6. Routinely article postingThis is done by a blogger wajip to turn Bloggnya. If you want Blogg like Google, often to make Postings fit your schedule, whether it's day or week 1 article 2 article, Depending on your time, your important updates.
7. Use Signs In TextThis is a SEO technique that is easy to do. By simply adding the Bold, Italic and Underline the word. The mark on the keywords or title that you write on the Post.

8. Create a Table of Contents BloggUseful content to allow visitors to view all articles we've ever made. I really liked Contents Blogg. How to Create a table of contents Click here
9. Bloggwalking, Feedback and PromotionsThe last way is the most effective way to improve SEO. Bloggwalking and died by it Blogg us comments and links. But do not make SPAM comments, you can read my article "Trust me, do not Do It currently Commenting"
How?, Whether you are ready to strengthen the SEO on your Blogg?,
So only article How to Easily Mastering SEO In 10 Minutes, hopefully can help optimize SEO on your Blogg. Thank you.

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