Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sided weakness Android

Make Comparison of materials for you android lovers
Android still sounds a bit complicated
When buying a mobile phone / tablet Android, you are required to learn more than the iPhone, because Android has widgets, apps, and many other settings that you may have never known him sekali.Contohnya same as the Samsung Galaxy S3, which has a lot of cool features. One is automatic photo sharing via wi-fi, which unfortunately turned out to require a lot of settings.
Entertainment content in Google Play still less than with iTunes
Although Google Play Google already filled with some entertainment content such as TV shows and movies for rent, contains entertainment options are still lacking a lot compared to the one in iTunes. Problem Google Play music also still do not have music from Warner, one of the four leading music labels.

Lack of cool accessories for Android devices
IPhone design an attractive, seemingly supported by the makers of accessories to create a cool and complementary accessories that good. But for some reason Android did not bring enthusiasm for accessories makers to make interesting accessories for Android devices.

Graphics and animation on the iPhone is still more subtle
Hardware acceleration is a process where a smartphone can switch between GPU (graphics) and CPU in a smartphone without using large amounts of memory. It is already present on Android devices since the early versions, but limited to some features, such as appealing to bawah.Perangkat Android notification bar does not use hardware acceleration in full until the Android version of the iPhone 3.0.Sedangkan already using hardware acceleration from the beginning, thus creating iPhone experienceyang more pleasurable user records, the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean is correct this shortcoming very well. So the user experience to be more smooth and no longer nge-lag or hang. But unfortunately few new Android devices on the market with Jelly Bean
Threat of malware / viruses on the Android operating system
Because Android is open source and users can install applications that are not from Google Play, Android devices are more susceptible to malware and pirated apps / false.
Application quality is still slightly
Already from the first applications on the iPhone looks better than the Android version. Likewise, developers tend to release quality applications to the iPhone first, and after it's been ported to Android.
Android devices varied, ranging from the sophisticated to the Galaxy SIII-rousing cheap phones made in China. It is named fragmentasi.Fragmentasi make quality a different smartphone, developers were forced to make the application to adapt to the many shapes and sizes display the existing Android devices.

Android updates are not immediately available for each device
Google released the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean in July. But most Android phones today still use the Gingerbread version of the OS, which came out about a year and half ago. This is due to smartphone manufacturers are more likely to modify the Android OS for their devices, so some manufacturers require additional time to offer updates. The safest way to ensure you always get the updates, is using the original device from Google, such as the Nexus brand.

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