Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What Is a SEO

Maybe for you who are new to blogging a bit confused well, naturally I also do not understand the first time blogging, and do not care about the name of SEO. After a long run I thinking why my blog visitors really little and cannot appear on the first page of a search engine.
Finally I find out browsing for, and finally met also turns the main factor is the SEO. Seo in our language if it is Search Engine Optimization give optimal function and increase the number and quality of visitors yours blog or site from a search engine and destination eventually your blog or website on the first page of google Search Engine. If it appears on the pages visited prioritizing opportunities for greater and your blog well grow crowded.

From my experience and some friends webmaster reliable, so the content is a major factor. Search engines especially Google love as the name content. I suggest make the content interesting and gives a lot of information to visitors of your blog or website. Content continues to be relevant as you make a blog or website you, eg your blog about cooking and then you create a post about SEO is not disconnected and the opportunity for your post on the main page will be below 50%. 

Try to make the same content no relation keywords you want to optimize. Do not create a post just to rely on copy and paste. If you want to try to copy and paste the contents of the link back from where you can such content. The latter remained updates you post at least one post every month, more often the better.
make the look your blog or website. Create the look of a simple but interesting if you can avoid the use of flash because it would make your blog become heavier. Create a blog that is easy to navigate for visitors, so they are not hard to find a post for you guys.
Do not install too many banner ads since it will make the visitors upset, you try to imagine if you're a frequent visitor to your blog filled with banner ads are not what make you upset?
A few tips from me hopefully can give you inspiration for beginners who want to optimization SEO, if you guys have any other tips please share here. Do not forget to comment.

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